Our conference attracts over 400 people from all over the continent to discuss the most pertinent issues regarding Bank Security in Latin America. The event also summons experts from the United States and Europe for an international perspective.


The 32nd Latin American Congress on Bank Security will be held on October 5 - 6, 2017.


Quito, a cosmopolitan capital city in the heart of Latin America, is host to this year’s conference. Prepare to experience the warm hospitality and delightful local cuisines the city has on offer. It’s been 20 years since Ecuador last hosted this conference, making this an ideal moment to reconnect with local businesses.


Our congress provides an ideal opportunity to connect with fellow professionals from the field in our continent. It’s also an ideal setting to network and develop business strategies for the future. Some of the most important attendees come from regional businesses that focus on physical security, technological security, fraud, information security, auditing, and many other offshoots of the banking sector.

Who We Are

About the Event

CELAES is widely considered to be the single most important financial security event in the region and is visited by the sector’s most established luminaries. Join us and learn about some of the most important advances in technology, security, and other themes that relate directly to your business’ future. We will focus a great deal on practical matters, and how to utilize recent innovations in the field to resolve day-to-day problems that affect financial institutions.

CELAES offers a full agenda and provides professionals with networking opportunities that are otherwise hard to find in the financial securities sector. We welcome your presence at this year’s event and look forward to having you join the discussion.


ASOBANCA (Association of Ecuadorian Banks) – an entity that represents a union of private-sector banks in Ecuador

Asobanca is the main spokesman (qualified by all participating banks) of private banking in Ecuador, recognized for its efficiency and reliability by both the public and private sectors. Its main goal is to boost agendas that promote innovation and competition in the banking sector, in an effort to foster local competitivity and financial inclusion in the Ecuador’s banks. Our team welcomes you to our wonderful country and to this amazing opportunity.

What is FELABAN?

FELABAN or Federation of Latin American Banks is an not-for-profit institution, established in 1965 in Mar de Plata, Argentina. It represents a cluster of associations in 19 Latin American countries, including over 500 banks and other financial entities in the continent.


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Discussion Topics

Day 1


07h00-08h400 Registration

08h00-08h45 Inauguration

08h50-09h35 (MAIN ROOM) Digital banking innovation trends and impacts and how to minimize risk through information security
PANELIST:Julio Prado(EC)

9h40-10h25 (MAIN ROOM) Evolution of the impact and risks of the threats that affect the Financial System
PANELIST:Santiago Rodríguez(EC)

10h30-11h00 BREAK

11h00-11h45 (MAIN ROOM)The end of Ploutus with a Smart Dispenser
PANELIST:Daniel Regalado(MX)

11h50-12h35 (MAIN ROOML) Dark Territory:The Secret History of Cyber War

12h40-13h25 (MAIN ROOM) Trends and threats in the Financial Sector
PANELIST:Juan Carlos Guel

12h40-13h25 (ROOM 1) Banking Everywhere: Innovation & Challenge
PANELIST:Juiio Carvalho(BR)

12h40-13h25 (ROOM 2) why extend banking security to the customer
PANELIST:Joost De Jong, Oscar Chávez, Daniel Molina, Jonathan Córdova


13h30-14h30 LUNCH

14h30-15h15 (SMAIN ROOM)How to deal with bank security crimes
PANELIST:Rafael Germosen(Rep.Dominicana)

15h20-16h05 (MAIN ROOM)Cyber espionage in organizations: persistent attacks on the Business Management Committe
PANELIST:Antonio Ramos(ES)

15h20-16h05 (ROOM 1)The future of malware in ATM’s
PANELIST:Rafael Esteve(ES)

15h20-16h05 (ROOM 2)Forensic analysis as a tool for investigation
PANELIST:Juan Sebastian Grijalva(EC)

16h10-16h55 (MAIN ROOM)Combating fraud in card transactions is not present through the collaboration between the Issuers and the Merchants
PANELIST:Ronald Wieselberg

16h10-16h55 (ROOM 1)Understanding the source of the problems. The lack of a government of identity.
PANELIST:Juan Carlos Aguirre

16h10-16h55 (ROOM 2)Crisis in Venezuela and its impacts in banking security.
PANELIST:Lorenzo Mercado(VEN)

17h00-17h30 BREAK

17h30-18h15 (MAIN ROOML)Using intelligence from threats to stop defrauders and cyber criminals
PANELIST:Robert Villanueva(USA)

Day 2


08h00-08h45 (MAIN ROOM)Attacks in Latinamerican banks: The need for threat intelligence to combat cyber criminals
PANELIST:Dmitry Bestuzhev(RU)

08h50-09h35 (MAIN ROOML)Impact of violent crimes on financial institutions and securities transport in Brazil
PANELIST:Francesco Papagno(ITA)

09h40-10h25 (MAIN ROOML)Security in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things

9h40-10h25 (ROOM 1)Panel:New security regulations and projections in the financial system in Latin America
PANELIST:Norman Romero(EC)

9h40-10h25 (ROOM 2)Models for detection of fraud in the origination of credits for Retail Banking and SME
PANELIST:Jorge Domingo(GTM)

10h30-11h00 BREAK

11h00-11h45 (MAIN ROOML)The next generation of SOCs
PANELIST:Diego Oviedo Frasson(PE)

11h50-12h35 (MAIN ROOM)What to expect in innovation in banking security?
PANELIST:Carlos Baradello(AR)

12h40-13h25 (MAIN ROOM)Security Changes in a Cyber Word
PANELIST:Diego Beltrán(EC)

12h40-13h25 (ROOM 1)Fraud Management Methodology in banking and financial environments through the ACFE-COSO framework
PANELIST:Carlos Ramirez(MX)

12h40-13h25 (ROOM 2)Panel: Global risk in the financial sector and the advantages of counting with CSIRST as a cybersecurity ally.
PANELIST:José María Gomez/Marco Rivadeneira(EC)


13h30-14h30 LUNCH

14h30-15h15 (MAIN ROOM)Attention to fraud claims through an efficient robotic scheme
PANELIST:Dario Alejandro Henao(COL)

14h30-15h15 (MAIN ROOM)barriers in the process of digital transformation
PANELIST:Ricardo Villadiego(COL)

14h30-15h15 (MAIN ROOM)Experiences in fraud reduction and how to bring greater value to the business
PANELIST:Alberto Pérez

15h20-16h05 (MAIN ROOM)Social Engineering, the next security boundary
PANELIST:Esteban Lubensky

15h20-16h05 (ROOM 1)Peace treaty in Colombia and its consequences security in LATAM

15h20-16h05 (ROOM 2)Enable secure business on the electronic channels
PANELIST:Greg Dicovitsky

16h10-16h55 (MAIN ROOM)Crisis Management in the face of cyberattacks and jeopardizing of critical information for Banking
PANELIST:José Marangunich(PE)

16h10-16h55 (ROOM 1)Banking Security Threats - Past, Present and Future of Cyber Attacks
PANELIST:Alvaro Andrade (BO)

16h10-16h55 (ROOM 2)Cybersecurity and Compliance, The Last Line of Defense
PANELIST:Diego Navarrete

17h00-17h30 BREAK

17h30-18h15 (SMAIN ROOM)Closing

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Quito was recognized in 3 occasions as the best destination in Latin America by the World Travel Awards (WTA), known as the “Oscars of Tourism”. It was also voted by TripAdvisor users as a top-25 destination in South America.

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